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Global Bank Reconciliation

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Sometimes a practice has a single pooled bank account. Transactions for all clients go through this bank account. The Global Bank Reconciliation allows a reconciliation of the pooled account against the entries for any client on a particular nominal account.

The option is accessed through Activities > Global Operations > Bank Reconciliation. This leads to the standard Bank Reconciliation List screen. If New is pressed to set up a new reconciliation then you must select the Client Class and the nominal account to be reconciled. After this the operation of the system is the same as for a single client bank reconciliation.

  • The Global Bank Reconciliation includes all clients in the selected client class that have the specified nominal account. There is no facility to exclude certain clients. So if the reconciliation is only required for certain clients then a separate nominal account must be set aside for their use.
  • The quick method of making postings for Bank charges, Interest paid, Interest received and Tax deducted when New Period is run does not apply when the Global Bank Reconciliation is used.


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