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Global Autopost

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Global Autopost 

The Trust Accounts Security database allows entry, either manually or via a data feed, of capital and/or income details for a security. This data is known as the History information.

The Global Autopost routine allows you to select a Security and a Class of clients from which multiple clients can be selected.

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Select the clients to be reviewed to Autopost the history information.

Global autopost 2.jpg

Then set the conditions, choose the period to be scanned for dividends and other history information.

Global autopost 3.jpg

The Autopost window will then be displayed when you click Select Entries.

Global autopost 4.jpg

The clients chosen will be displayed at the top and as you select each one the transactions which would be generated for each security will be shown below and these can be amended and, if required, can be excluded from the posting routine. You can also produce a report of the entries which can be printed, or exported, as well as being viewed on screen.

This window uses a Tab Dialog Box which consists of two pages of entry fields/buttons. To select a page click on the name tab at the top of the relevant page. Once the required page has been displayed data entry/amendment follows normal procedure.


The Autopost routine can also be run from within a client for all or some of the client's investments. Further details of the Autopost routine can be found here.



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