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Exporting a Report

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Useful Information! Whilst in the Report Preview window, the menu bar includes an Export menu option. Smart reports can be exported to Excel, PDF or HTML format.

Export Report

Ensure you are in the Report Preview window by running a report.

Smart reports - Smart Reports - report preview - toobar.PNG

  1. Click the Export menu from the top left of the window.

Smart reports - Smart Reports - report preview - toobar - export to excel.PNG

2. Select the export format you require. If you choose to export to Excel, the information is sent through as text rather than numbers, the totals or subtotals will not have formulas. However, in terms of layout and colours, it looks like the original report.


3. You can also select the other option of  Smart reports - Smart Reports - report preview - toobar - export to excel - right.PNG which is the one on the far right of the toolbar, using this option, the spreadsheet will have formulas when there are subtotals and totals, however it will not export any logo or colour.

4. Type a filename for the export file. Allow the file extension to default - this ensures that the export file can be opened by the appropriate application.

5. Click Save. The Export Report window confirms that the export is complete. Having completed an export of a report, the exported file can now be opened from the appropriate application.


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