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Authorising and posting a Supplier invoice

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Authorise and Post a Supplier invoice


  1. From the main menu, select Bookkeeping > Draft Invoices.
    The Submitted and Authorised Invoices window opens.

  2. Double-click the relevant unauthorised invoice, which will display an AuthStatus of UnSeen.
    The Purchase Ledger Invoice window appears.

  3. Click the Authorise button and then click OK in the Authorise message confirming that the invoice has been successfully authorised.

  4. Click the Post button to post the invoice to the supplier ledger.

  5. Click OK in the Post confirmation message.
    The invoice disappears from the Purchase Ledger Invoice window and is posted to the supplier's ledger to end the procedure.


The Bookkeeping > Draft Invoices menu enables central administration tasks such as Authorisation and Posting of supplier invoices. From the Submitted and Authorised Invoices window, you can view invoices and open the invoices individually to make changes, authorise and post as required.



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