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Completing a manual employee payment using Allocate Multiple

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You may want to send one cheque to cover a number of different invoices for an employee. If this occurs, you will need to allocate the payment to multiple invoices. This process is achieved by entering the total amount of the payment, and then allocating it against each of the invoices until the remaining unallocated amount is zero.

Complete a manual employee payment using Allocate Multiple

  1. On the main menu, click Bookkeeping > Cash Posting>Employee Ledger.

  2. In the Employee Ledger window, if the employee Payments window is not displayed, select the Payments option.

  3. Select the Company.
    The system uses the Account field to display the account from which the payment is drawn. Account details are maintained in Nominal Maintenance.

  4. In the Source field, select the payment method from the drop down list.

  5. Enter the Employee Code.
    When the code is entered the employee's name is automatically displayed in the Employee Name field.

  6. Enter the Employee Name.  When the employee's name is entered, the Employee Code is automatically displayed.

  7. Enter the Date for the payment.

  8. Enter the payment Number. This could be the cheque number or a reference number.

  9. Enter the payment Description, if required.

  10. Enter the Amount for the current payment.

  11. If the payment is being made by cheque, select the template to be used from the Style drop down list.

  12. To create a Standing Order from the payment, click this field to open the Standing Order window.

  13. Click the invoice or invoice item row.
    The Allocation window appears.

  14. Enter the amount of the payment and then click Allocate.
    The payment amount allocated to the invoice is displayed in the grid.

  15. Repeat steps 13 -14 till you have allocated payments to all the relevant invoices and the unallocated amount is reduced to zero.

  16. Click Post to update the ledger.


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