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Making an adjustment for a debtor amount

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The Adjustments window allows you to make adjustments to debtor amounts entered through the Receipts window. Adjustments are used when a change is required to an existing invoice. You can then print an adjustment note. Discounts and bad debts are entered in the same manner as adjustments, i.e. by entering the amount in the appropriate field. The Adjustments window is also available from the Purchase Ledger. This window allows you create adjustments to payment amounts entered through the Payments window. You do not need to print an adjustment note for a creditor adjustment. NOTE Adjustments are matched to existing invoices, whereas credit notes are not matched and are credit for future work only.

Make an adjustment for a debtor a amount

  1. On the main menu, click Bookkeeping > Cash Posting > Adjustments.
  2. Or from the Client > Assignment window, click Sales Ledger.
  3. In the Sales Ledger window, in Task Bar on the left of the window, select the Adjustments option.
  4. The Adjustments window appears.
  5. Select the Company to whom the receipt must be paid.
  6. Select the Account and the Payment Source (e.g. cheque, transfer.)
  7. Enter the Client name for the client from whom payment has been received. If you do not know the full client code, click the Ellipsis button clipboard_e496c0d973a080f7b391139ba468d66b3.png to open the Find Clients window that you can use to select the client.
  8. The Client Code is automatically displayed when you enter or select the client name in the Client field.
  9. Enter the Date of the receipt.  The system displays the current date by default.
  10. Enter a unique Receipt Number.
  11. Enter a description for the receipt in the Description field.
  12. Select a Style from the drop down list of pre-defined styles.
  13. Select the bill that you want to apply the adjustment to.
  14. The Allocation window appears.
  15. Define the following fields, as appropriate:
    Amount: Enter the amount of the receipt, payment or adjustment.
    Discount: Enter the amount of the discount for the selected receipt, payment or adjustment.
    Bad Debt: This is a display field. The system uses this field to show the amount of the bad debt created in the Allocation window.
  16. Click 'Allocate' to proceed with the adjustment, or Cancel to abandon your changes.
  17. The adjustment is entered against the selected bill.
  18. Click 'Post' to confirm your changes and update the system.
  19. The Adjustments to Print window appears, with the created adjustment selected.
  20. Click 'Print' to print the adjustment note.
  21. Select the Printed check box to remove the successfully printed adjustment note from the Adjustments to Print list.
  22. Click 'Close' to exit the Sales Ledger window.


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