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Assignment Template - Codes tab

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The Codes tab within the Assignment Templates area can dictate the choice of Task Codes on a Timesheet when an particular assignment is selected.

Assignment Template

Within an Assignment Template (File - Maintenance - Assignments - Assignment Templates), there are several tabs that can be used to set defaults when the template is added to a client record(s).

CCH Practice Management will use the Billing and Codes tabs.

Codes tab


The Codes referenced here are Timesheet Task Codes (setup in File > Maintenance > Miscellaneous > Code Types > Time). The Practice can control which Task Codes users can select against specific assignments when entering time on a timesheet.

The list on the left, labelled Unavailable, is a full list of ALL time task codes created.

The list on the right, labelled Available, have been selected to work with a specific assignment. Any codes that are not in this list will not show when selecting this assignment on a timesheet.

Note: Practices must be using Task Codes on timesheets in order to make use of this function.

For visit Timesheet settings for more information.


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