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Assignment Template - Billing tab

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The Billing tab within the Assignment Templates area can dictate the behaviour of the assignment from a billing perspective.

Assignment Template

Within an Assignment Template (File - Maintenance - Assignments - Assignment Templates), there are several tabs that can be used to set defaults when the template is added to a client record(s).


CCH Practice Management will use the Billing and Codes tabs.

Billing tab


  1. Nominal Account: This is nominal code that carries transactions when a billing is raised including this assignmnet. Further information on nominal codes can be found here.
  2. Request for Payments: This checkbox should be ticked if a Practice bills this assignment on a Request for Payment basis.
  3. Delivery Options: Practices can select the default delivery method for bills that include this assignment. The options are Post, OneClick and Email:


  1. Billing Paragraphs

This is the available list of Master Paragraphs created in File > Maintenance > Documents > Master Paragraphs. More information on Master Paragraphs can be found here. To determine if a Master Paragraph is bound to an assignment, tick the checkbox labelled Default:


The Master Paragraphs come into force during Stage Three of the Billing Wizard.

Delivery Method availablity

The Delivery Method field is available within the following windows:

  • Client > Bills Tab
  • Billing > Draft Bills
  • Billing > Bills Ready to Print
  • Billing > VAT Invoices to Print
  • Billing > VAT Invoice History
  • Billing > Billing History
  • Billing > Billing History by Partner

Ability to lock down delivery method

A Task Permission is available to enable practices the ability to lock down who can add a Delivery Method. The new task permission applies to the following areas:

  • Client > Assignments > WIP Tab
  • Assignment Templates > Billing Tab
  • Billing > Draft Bills > Open Draft No > Master Paragraphs
  • Find Assignments > Bulk update

The Task Permission is located within File> Maintenance > Security > Task Permissions.


Note: if a user does not have the permission set, they are unable to set Delivery Methods.


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