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Submit Tax Returns

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Approve Tax Return

Once the IR mark is complete the Online filing screen displays the IR mark, date created and prompt for client approval.

The following options are available:

  1. View IR marked Tax Return – displays the return to be submitted to HMRC together with the internet service declaration if required
  2. Client Documents – allows you to view, print, export selected pages of the tax return, supplementary pages, backing schedules and tax computation
  3. Test in Live – submits the tax return to the HMRC Live Gateway without updating any HMRC systems. This process is recommended to test the return against unpublished HMRC validations which may otherwise cause the return to fail a live submission. This can be completed prior to submitting the return for client approval
  4. Submit to HMRC – sends the return to HMRC Live Gateway
  5. Add to Submission Queue – place the return on queue to file in bulk at a later time
  6. Compare current data – compares the current return against the IR marked return to identify any changes which may have occurred prior to submission
  7. View History – displays the full history of any filing submission, test in live results, and filing errors


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