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Adding CCH Document Management documents to the bundle

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How to add CCH Document Management documents to the bundle

When generating the IR Mark for online filing purposes it is now possible to add attachments directly from CCH Document Management.
The Online Filing window has been updated to add a new grid DM attachments:

DM docs-SC1.PNG

To add a document from CCH Document Management to the bundle for IR Marking purposes, click the ellipsis at the end of the Document Name field in the DM attachments area, a window appears listing all the PDF documents that currently exist in the client’s Document Centre:

DM docs-SC2.PNG

If a document has been selected in error, when replacing that document from within the DM Attachments grid it is only possible to select a single replacement document. When adding additional documents click on a blank line and click the ellipsis, multiple documents may be selected and added simultaneously.

If a PDF document has been checked out this is indicated by a tick in the Check In/Out Status column. If you try to select this document a warning message appears:


Click OK and deselect the checked out document.
Select all the attachments required by ticking the check boxes in the first column, these appear in the DM attachments grid.DM docs-SC4.PNG

If the document is checked out after being selected this is indicated by a tick in the Check In/Out Status column:

DM docs-SC5.PNG

This does not preclude the checked out document from being included as an attachment in the file submitted to the HMRC.
The functionality for validating the PDF files is the same as that for Additional attachments:

  • The PDF file is a valid PDF file
  • The PDF file is not encrypted
  • The PDF file is not password protected on opening the file
  • The PDF file is not too big on its own to attach for online filing
  • All the attached PDF files are not too big for online filing

Any documents that fail validation are not attached to the bundle for online filing. If a file is deleted in Document Management but not destroyed after it has been selected then a warning appears however the document remains in the DM attachments grid:

When hovering the mouse over the warning icon a tooltip appears:DM docs-SC6.PNG


In addition, if a document is destroyed in CCH Document Management before the bundle is created, then it does not appear in the DM attachments grid after the Online Filing window is re-opened. If it is destroyed after the bundle has been created upon opening the Online Filing window, then the Data has changed message appears:


Note: Although it is not explicitly stated, the change is due to the attachments.


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