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Generating the Online Filing Submission

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Validate the Tax Return

Before generating the IR mark the return is first validated against all published HMRC validations

  1. Open the tax return for the client that you want to submit to HMRC.

  2. Under Tax Return in the Ribbon Bar click Online Filing. The Filing by Internet tab appears.

  3. The Tax Return is automatically tested against HMRC validations.

  4. If validation errors are found, these must be corrected before generation of the IR mark can proceed.

Adding attachments

You may include schedules for specific areas, if validation fails or if there are any other errors they will appear.

  1. Under Options choose one of the following to add schedules:
  • Include all schedules as an attachment

    (The Capital Gains schedule is automatically included as an attachment if Capital Gains financial data is present )

  • Include SA302 as an attachment

     2. Click Preview to view or print the schedule.

     3. Click the ellipsis key under Additional attachments. The Select PDF Attachment dialog appears for you to add other relevant docs in PDF format.

NOTE: The total size of all attachments for the tax return must not exceed 5MB after being converted into the format necessary for uploading to HMRC. This normally equates to a total size of around 3MB on disk. CCH Personal Tax will tell you when you have exceeded the available size and you will have to remove attachments before being able to file.

Generate the IR mark

  1. When no validation errors exist, the IR mark is generated by selecting the Ribbon Bar Generate IRmark option.

During the IR mark generation, Personal Tax:

  • Saves data in all open windows
  • Checks the database for any changes by other users
  • Takes a snapshot of the Tax Return and stores this in the database

Note: Prior to 2010 the IR mark is generated automatically when all validations have successfully completed.


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