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How to Link the Partner Allocation Spreadsheets

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  1. Select a Partnership client.

  2. Below Tax Return Data select Partnership Statement. The Partnership Statement tab appears.

  3. Click export to Excel on the Ribbon Bar  clipboard_e75fdc91e15891c5d0c260e8921e974ec.png   Choose clipboard_e83cb429ef3c88839292d70ed5c7e562c.png and the system will create an alternative file name: clipboard_eedaa9d81145454955626f25c450f0909.png  click save.

  4. Click on open exported file on the Ribbon Bar as this icon is now live.  clipboard_ecdb9a88df1959b866f763f265273cdf8.png  The Partnership Statement Allocation dialog appears.

  5. Once you have updated the spreadsheet save your changes, and then click on import from Excel on the Ribbon bar clipboard_ed90c33f8b53d766de5ee0e364068c15d.png which transfers the figures to the Partnership Statement.

  6. Click OK on the Partnership Statement Allocation dialog.



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