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Partnership statement - partner share allocation

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The Partnership Statement located within Tax Return Data of a partnership period.

The Partnership Statement located within Tax Return Data of a partnership period.


The statement will display  Tax return data entered for the period with adjacent columns to allocate Partners associated with the Partnership association and displayed in the Partnership tab in CCH Central.


If an associated Partner's name is not displayed select New.

In the Search for bar Type  the partner's Name, Code or Address and click on the hyperlink to add the Partner.


When partners are added in the Partnership tab in Central they will display in the Partnership Statement within the Tax Return Data



The Totals will be Unallocated until it is either allocated per line or allocated via the Profit sharing points/ percentage row.


To include this information i the individual's tax return, select Partnerships within Tax Return Data of the individual's Tax Return



And select the Click here to add a new partnership hyperlink;


Select the partnership from the list of Associated partnerships;


Complete the Setup partnership screen and click Next;




Review and edit any shares and click Finish;


Review the tabs within the Partnerships input area and Save and Close







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