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Opening an Existing client

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How to open an existing Client

How to open an existing Client

  1. Click the clipboard_ebea8f51c72a0eaa3f74171862ce6f714.png button on the toolbar. The Find Clients tab appears.

  2. Do one of the following:

  • To display a list of all clients click the clipboard_ecae10a154a3ad5a59b359c6030d3345b.png button.

  • To display a restricted list, enter part or all of the name of the client in theclipboard_ef6e818a46d37db8eae09d428958624c6.png field and then click the Search button.

  1. Double-click on the client’s name to open it.

The search drop-down contains a number of search options:


What it does

New Search...

clears any previous search criteria allowing you to enter fresh data to search for

Append to search...

keeps any previous search results and adds records for a new search

New search from reports...

allows you to search through information in specific reports instead of the database

New search from lists...

allows you to search in a list of saved searches rather than the entire database.



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