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Stage 2 of 6 - Choose the template: eMail Merge for CCH OneClick

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MailMerge: Choose the template for CCH OneClick

The illustration below is to setup the Mail Merge Wizard using a MS Word template in order to generate the Request Information for Personal Tax Return for year end 2021 utilising the CCH 2020 template running the respective query.

1. Select the CCH OneClick message template.

Mail Merge - OC stage 2.PNG

2. Select the year for the CCH OneClick merge field [insert year]. This field is used on CCH OneClick messages and on this stage you specify the year, in our example is 2021.

    Click OK.

Mail Merge - OC stage 2.1.PNG

3. Select the template which will be attached to the OneClick message.

Mail Merge - OC stage 2.2.PNG

A - Format - choose Word format if you want to use Query, the Word templates will be listed on the screen.

     Highlight the CCH Information Request PY Details if the client has data on previous tax year return. For new clients, use the template Request no PY Details.

B - Templates - select if you want the Word templates from Central or from Document Management.

     On this section you can also add a new Word template or preview and edit an existing word template.

     If you preview or edit a Word template, the Microsoft Office Word application opens automatically. Make sure you save any new template in the correct folder.

C - Data Source - click on Query, from the drop-down list select Information Request and select the prior year from the year you are requesting the information for. On our example 2020 because we are requesting information for 2021 tax return.

D - Template name - you can search for the template name in this box.

4. Select your template (either the Word or HTML) and click Next.


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