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Edit a letter template - word document

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Edit a letter template - MS Word document

Access the word document templates from Mail Merge wizard.

  1. From the toolbar, access the Contacts.PNG or Clients.PNG option to open the Find Contacts or Find Clients tab.

 2. Tick the check box which on the left of any contact or client line.

 3. Click on the task bar, as below:

Mail Merge - contacts and clients - mail merge wizard access.PNG  

4. The Mail Merge 1 of 6 stage opens, on the Output Selection's drop down list choose Letters. Click Next.

Mail Merge - word document template - stage 1.PNG

5. The Mail Merge 2 of 6 stage opens, it lists all templates available.

  • Highlight the template you want to edit.
  • From the ribbon, select Templates from Central as below.
  • From the ribbon, click Edit Template as below.

Mail Merge - edit a word document template.PNG

6. The Microsoft Word application opens (if you have it installed) with the template on the screen to be edited.

     Under Mailings > Insert Merge Field you find all fields from CCH Central (including Extra fields),

Mail Merge - edit a word document template word appl.PNG

7. Saving the template:

   Scenario 1, if you want to keep the original template, use the function Save As, making sure that the file:

Mail Merge - saving the edited word document template.PNG

     Scenario 2, if you do not want to keep the original template, use the function Save.

8. Click Save and close the file, the template will be available to use along the existent ones.

We recommend you keep the CCH default word templates. If you need to edit them, change the file name as explained above.

It is mandatory that a word document template is saved as Word Template, otherwise it will not show on the list of templates on the  Mail Merge routine.


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