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Importing the data into Corporation Tax

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How data is imported into Corporation Tax depends on whether Update automatically is ticked in Tax Links screen.

If Update automatically is ticked, then the Accounts Production data and Fixed Asset Register data are imported as soon as the user goes into the Period of Account.

If Update automatically is not ticked then you can either click Update from Accounts in the Ribbon or click the warning in the Errors and Exceptions panel that "CCH Accounts Production information has changed and is available..." Both options are highlighted below.



The warning in the Errors and Exceptions panel can also appear if Update automatically is ticked. This happens if you have both Accounts Production and Corporation Tax open at the same time. If you click Update Tax in Accounts Production then the warning immediately appears in Corporation Tax saving you from exiting Corporation Tax and going back in to import the new data.

The Fixed Asset Register icon is visible in Corporation Tax. It is enabled when you are in the Tangible Fixed Asset area and allows you to go into the Fixed Asset Register directly from Corporation Tax.



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