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Contact Filing

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Filing to contact libraries can be done via the Matched, Recent and Favourites sections of the filing panel. You can change the order in which these are displayed in Display Options. When you drag and drop an email to a contact the Add Document window will open and will be automatically populated with metadata including the relevant library for the contact type, and any default document types that have been set.


When you select an email the system will look at the address in the email and if it matches an address for a client/contact that contact will be listed in the matched section. Any associated contacts will also be included here.

Note: Matching only looks for clients and contacts. Employees and suppliers are not matched.

The number of matched contacts displayed is limited in Display Options.


The recent section holds a limited number of contacts that you have recently filed documents against.

The number of recent contacts displayed is limited in Display Options.


The Favourites section will list the clients that you have set in your Favourites list in Central. Please refer to the Central 2013.3 Release Notes for instructions on setting up your Favourites list.

As with the Matched and Recent sections the number of favourites displayed is limited in Display Options.

Contact Details

The email filing panel provides basic contact details regarding the contacts and clients displayed.

A right mouse click onto a contact name will provide which when selected will display client/contact details reference and includes a hyperlink to email where available.


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