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Global Document Centre Overview

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Global Document centre is the core of CCH Document Management and provides access to all stored documents stored for contacts, clients, suppliers and assignments. Some of the features of Document Centre include: creating, adding, and searching for documents. To learn more about using these and other features see: Working With Document Centre.

Global Document Centre Options

  • To open Document Centre, click Document Centre on the tab below the ribbon at the top.

Global Document Centre.docxGlobal DM Screen.JPG

Document Centre is divided into four main sections:

  1. The Ribbon - Divided into Groups the ribbon provides functionality for working with documents. For details see Ribbon Options.
  2. Search For – Basic and advanced search. For details see Basic Search and Advanced Search.
  3. Properties – Contains key data associated with the selected document. For details See Properties Options.
  4. Document View – Returned results following a search appears here in list.


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