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Create for Client (and Other Contacts) Filing

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To create documents for the Client Filing library you need to either be in a client record or have a client selected on the Find Clients window. Click Create Document in the CCH Document section of the Task Bar to open the Create Document window.

Step 1 of 2  Add filing details



Filing Details


The library that the document will be filed to.

Defaults to Client – not editable.


The template that will be used to create the document.

Defaults to last selected template. Click on clipboard_e858dd86b6911be5ebcf292db725c85cb.png to list the most recently used, or clipboard_e7f71d3fcf55a82eea6298f5dc317da03.png to open the Find Templates window.

File name

Defaults to the file name from the selected template, but can be changed.


Defaults to the Assignment Template set for the selected template if there is one and the client has that assignment.

Other assignments that are relevant for the selected client will be available in the dropdown list.


Only applicable if an Assignment is selected. Defaults to None and allows selection of relevant jobs via the dropdown list.


This will be automatically populated based on the selected template.

Use the dropdown selector if you want to change this type.


A free format text box. The description can help you identify the document.

The dropdown list recalls the last 10 descriptions used.

Extra Will be enabled if the Type selected has extra fields associated to hold additional document tagging information.



To set up a Task on a template letter, for example, if you need it to be approved prior to sending out to a client

Will default to Task or Workflow based on whether you have CCH Workflow activated or not.


Only applicable where the Type is Task. Select the employee that the task is being assigned to. Click on clipboard_e858dd86b6911be5ebcf292db725c85cb.png to list the most recently used, or clipboard_e7f71d3fcf55a82eea6298f5dc317da03.png to open the Find Employees window.


Only applicable where the Type is Task. Select the appropriate task action.


Only applicable where the Type is Task. An optional text field.


Only applicable where the Type is Workflow. Entries are based on any preset defaults and your permissions as a user.


Step 2 of 2  Add mailing details



Addressing information


Defaults to the client that the document relates to. You can change this and select an associated contact.


For Individuals, this is only enabled if To is changed. Use to select the associated contact or the contact within an associated company that the letter is directed at.

Use related contact's address

Only enabled if To is changed and will default to checked. Uncheck the box to use the original contact's address.


Use to select which address to use where there is more than one associated with the contact in the To field.


Defaults to the logged in user. To change this use the clipboard_e7f71d3fcf55a82eea6298f5dc317da03.png button.

Preview/edit letter information (these fields are all editable)

FAO Mailing Name

Only applicable if there is an entry in the FAO field. Will default to the mailing name of that contact.

Mailing Name

Defaults to the mailing name of the contact in the To field.

Document Date

Defaults to today. Can be edited if for example you are preparing a letter that will be sent at a later date.


Defaults to the salutation for the contact in the To field, unless there is an entry in the FAO field.

Heading 1

Blank unless the To field is changed, in which case it will default to the mailing name of the original contact in the To field.

Heading 2 Always defaults to blank. Allows the entry of additional heading/reference information.

Select the employee in whose name the letter is being sent. This is for templates where the employee in the From field would not be the actual signatory.

Click on clipboard_e7f71d3fcf55a82eea6298f5dc317da03.png to open the Find Employees window.

Leave document checked out after creation Defaults to selected. This will leave the document open for editing (and checked out) after creation. Untick this box if you want the document to be created, closed and checked in.



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