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Creating Documents from Templates

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Documents can be created based on predefined templates that match practice branding  and layout. There are various points where you can create a document, these are covered in this section.

The Document Creation Wizard

The wizard facilitates creation of documents based on predefined templates. It is started using the Create Document button within the CCH Central taskbar  ribbon.

The wizard can be primarily accessed via the Document Center

Global Documents
Client Document Center
Conctact Document Center
Employee Document Center
Assingments Document Center

It is available in various ribbon views windows

Find Contacts
Find Clients
Find Suppliers
Find Employees

Find Assignments .

To open the Document Creation Wizard click Create Document on the Task Bar.

Whilst the same window will open regardless of where you open it from, different options will be available based on the context that the creation process has been started around.

Sections below will expand on possible variations

Document Creation Wizard Variations


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