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Link Types

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You can link related documents together and specify the relationship between them by selecting from a predefined list of link types.  Add or edit the list of types in Maintenance > Document Management > Link Types.

Default Link Types

The link types that are set up by default are: Sent with, Reply, Received with, Email/Attachment, Message/Attachment, and Tax Return/Attachment.

  • Email/AttachmentMessage/Attachment, and Tax Return/Attachment are all Document Link System Types and can be renamed but not deleted.
  • Document Link System Types are used when documents are received from other Central plugins.

Link Type Maintenance

The Name of any of the link types can be edited by clicking in the field and typing. Changes will be saved when you press Enter.

New link types can be added by typing in the Name field in the data entry row at the top of the grid. Press Enter to add the new link type.

Note: you cannot set a Document Link System Type for link types that you add.

Any links that do not have a Document Link System Type set can be deleted by selecting the row and hitting the Delete button.


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