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Document Management Libraries 

Document Library is a methodology that is used to separate filing by grouping documents based on predetermined relationship/subject to each other. For example  Client/contact  Document library vs Supplier Library or Knowledge /Training Library. Your firm will determine which libraries are needed and set these up accordingly.

Basic libraries defined in the system are:

  • Contact/Client
  • Employee Filing
  • Pending
  • Supplier 
  • Non-Contextual

There are defined by default and are ready for use. You may also have additional libraries with no library type.

The Contact /Client Filing Library Type 

The Client Filing library type is used to hold all of your client and contact related filing (excluding employee and supplier contacts). Adding documents to this library type requires a contact to be associated with the document.

The Employee Filing Library Type 

The Employee Filing library type is used to file documents against employees. Access to these documents is restricted depending on your system settings. Documents filed to this library type are not available in the global document centre. Documents can only be accessed via the relevant employee document centre.

The Pending Library Type 

The Pending library type is used where documents are added into the system but need to be reviewed before assigning them to the correct client or contact. This library acts as a virtual inbox. Documents filed to this library type can only be moved into the Client Filing library type.

The Supplier Filing Library Type 

The Supplier Filing library type is used to store any documents relating to contacts that are suppliers. Adding documents to this library will also require a contact to be associated with the document.

Non Contextual Libraries  

Any number of additional libraries can be set up to file non contact related documents. For example you could have a library holding your firm's documented procedures or knowledge base for training documents. These are ad-hoc and are set up based on firms requirements. 


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