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Employee Filing

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The Employee Filing library type can be used for personnel related document storage. Employees will only be able to access their own documents unless they have reportees. Where an employee does have reportees they will also be able to access documents filed against employees who are below them in the reporting chain.


You need to go to File > Maintenance > Document Management > Libraries and ensure that you have a library set up with the Type set to Employee Filing.

Document Types

You may want to set up specific document types for employee related filing. This can be done under File > Maintenance > Document Management > Document Types.

Libraries and Types

When the Employee Filing library has been set up, and there are appropriate document types available, you need to associate the document types with the library. To do this, go to File > Maintenance > Document Management > Libraries and Types. In the Library drop down select the name of your Employee Filing library then move any document types that are to be available for the library from the Types not in Library column (on the left) to the Types in Library column (on the right).

Task Permissions

In order for users to be able to access the Document Centre tab within an employee record they need to be a member of a security group that has the #Employee @Document Centre task permission allowed.

Note: For an employee who does not have anyone reporting to them, and also has no specified permissions for another employee, the only Employee Document Centre tab the #Employee @Document Centre permission to is their own.

Select File > Maintenance > Security > Task Permission to access the maintenance window. Then select Document Management in the Product drop down field. The #Employee @Document Centre permission is listed under the Employee Group Description.

Document Type Security

Document Type security will apply within Employee Document Centres in the same way as within other system Document Centres.

  • Users without View permission for a document type will not be able to see or search for documents of that type.
  • Users without Edit permission for a document type will not be able to edit the document or any of the document properties.
  • Users without Add permission for a document type will not be able to see the document type when adding documents, creating documents, or changing the document type for a document that is already in the system.

The Reports To structure

To utilise employee filing functionality each employee's primary stationed record in Central will need to be edited. This record can be found on the Main tab within the employee record. Fill in the Reports To field with the name of the employee that is their manager.

Accessing employee related documents

Once documents relating to an employee have been added into the system they can only be accessed via the Document Centre tab within the relevant employee's record. They are not accessible from the Global Document Centre.

The Document Centre tab for each employee will only be accessible by that employee, their designated manager (and up the reporting chain), and specific other users as detailed below.

Allowing additional users access to an employee's documents

Additional users (outside of the reporting chain) can be given access to employee related documents using a Document Management task permission, #Employee @Document Centre Full Access.  Where a user is in a security group with this task permission enabled, they will be able to access the Document centre for all employees that Central security allows them to access. This permission is intended for users who are, for example, part of an HR department. Document Type security will still apply, so whilst the document centre can be accessed for any employee whose record they have access to, they will only see document types that they have permissions for.

Adding Employee Related Documents

Employee related documents can be added into the system using the same methods as client/contact related documents. The various methods of doing this is detailed below:

  • From the employee or contact search - select Add Document from the Task Bar.
  • From the employee or contact Document Centre tab - select Add Document from the Task Bar.
  • From the main Document Centre - select Add Document from the Task Bar.
  • From Microsoft Word, Excel or Outlook - by using the plugin for Microsoft Office.
  • By using the monitoring folder utility - File > Save As  and select the monitoring folder to save to.

Creating Employee Related Documents

If templates have been set up on your system you can use these to create documents which reference fields from within the Central database. This functionality works in the same way as with client related templates and documents. Documents can be created using templates by selecting Create Document on the Task Bar either from within the employee record, or from the employee or contact search.


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