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Proof of Tax Charge

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This is the Proof of the tax charge as calculated from within the entries made in the Tax Account Summary and the entries made in the corporation tax computation. The entries are auto calculated and the only manual data entry is for the rate of tax to be charged on the Profit before tax per accounts.

Proof of Tax Charge

The rate of tax charged on the corporation tax profits is calculated based upon the average rate for the period. Enter a rate in the Tax charge on profits at CT rate override box to use an alternative rate in the calculation. 



Tax Reconciliation

This is where the tax charge is reconciled.  The difference to explain in the Actual charge section should reconcile to the Total shown in the Proof of Tax Summary section.


All entries are derived from other data entry areas within CCH Corporation Tax. Each item is a hyperlink which will navigate to the source of information.



To see an analysis of certain values select the  clipboard_ef497bd1e4b9413930fb0ee0ea6224658.pngicon




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