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CCH Software User Documentation

Other Adjustments

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The individual trade summary found under Trading Income contains a pre-populated field called Other adjustments.


The Other Adjustments field is pre-populated with the sum total of the following fields which have been input separately into the software:

  • Leased cars Pre     
  • Anti avoidance    
  • Transfer pricing      
  • Land remediation
  • Patent Box    
  • Research & development     
  • Film tax relief - calculated profit   
  • Film tax relief - calculated (loss)     
  • Film tax PBT adjustment    
  • Film tax relief - additional deduction (limited budget)     
  • Film tax relief - additional deduction (other films)     
  • Trade loan relationship credits     
  • Trade loan relationship debits     
  • Lease premiums - Landlord Taxed receipt     
  • Lease premiums - Tenant allowable expenses     
  • Charitable donations per accounts


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