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CCH Software User Documentation

Trade Summary

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Each trade you create has its own trade summary. This is where you can input the profit before tax per accounts and turnover.

The remaining fields are populated from tax data you input throughout the software for the relevant period of account.. This is window is accessed from the Data Navigator  - Trading Income, Your Trade name

Manual entry fields

There are 3 manual data entry fields on this window:

  • Profit/(loss) before tax per accounts (required)
  • Claim foreign tax as a deduction check box (optional and depends on your data
  • Banks, building societies, insurance companies and other financial institutions check box (optional and depends on your data)

Automatically populated fields

The remaining fields are populated by the data you input into various fields throughout the software.

The screen print below indicates the fields which are populated in this way.


A number of these fields link directly back to the source of data using the hyperlink.

Additional fields

The following pre-populated fields require further explanation:


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