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Tax Credits

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You can claim tax credits for the surrender of losses arising from Research and Development, First year Capital Allowances Land Remediation and also losses from Creative Industry trades.


The Tax Credits input screen is located under the Tax Planning area of the Data Navigator.

RDEC is calculated from RDEC expenditure entered in the Research & Development input screen


Use the scroll bar on the right hand side to navigate through the inputs.


  • If losses are surrendered for tax credit surrender in the Loss Utilisation input screen, additional rows appear showing the Loss surrendered and the Maximum tax credit available with an input row below to enter the Tax Credit Claimed under the appropriate column.


If anThe CT600L will appear in the Tax Return information area of the Data Navigator


There are data entry fields on the form CT600L for the disclosure of the company’s PAYE references to complete box  L168A, and for associated companies, up to a maximum of 15 entries to complete box 169A.


If the PAYE references are not completed when claiming R&D tax credits, you may receive the following error when submitting;

Box L168A must be completed if Box L168 is completed if Box L168 is completed


Complete the Repayments input statement located under Tax Return Information > CT600 > Repayments > AP in the Data Navigator.


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