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Editing Periods of Account

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You can edit both Periods of Account (POAs) and Accounting Periods (APs). It is possible to edit periods at any point during tax return preparation, before sign-off and submission to HMRC. There are certain conditions which apply to changing periods. Some data is mandatory (warnings are displayed). Some data may be lost (warnings are displayed)

Editing periods of account

Selected and open the client you wish to edit.

Click the Tax Returns tab.


Click the Edit POA link alongside the Period of Account you wish to Edit.


Edit POA allows you to change Period of Account dates.
It will only be possible to change the Period of Account start and end date where the dates entered do not straddle start and end dates of preceding or subsequent periods already created .

You cannot have 3 trading
Accounting Periods in one Period of Account. If the date changes create 3 Accounting Periods, you cannot progress until you create or amend a trade providing a trade a start or end date to produce only 2 trading Accounting Periods.

If your revised POA start or end dates create 3 trading APs, see Editing Accounting period.





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