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Backup and Restore Home Page Control

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You can add the CCH Backup and Restore Homepage control within CCH Central. This section is only relevant if the Backup and Restore Utility was not installed using the CSI. New sites that have installed the Backup and Restore Utility via the CSI will notice that an additional Database is created for the backup utility.  This means that the Central homepage control for checking the scheduled backup status will not apply.

Home Page Control Setup

For sites running CCH Central the backup database information is stored within your Central database.  You have the option to view the history information created by scheduled backups in a homepage control.

The Home page control requires that the Service has been set up within the Backup and Restore Utility.  For guidance on how to to set this up, see Service Setup.

  1. To set up the homepage control in CCH Central:
  • From the toolbar click Home
  • Under the task bar click Edit, choose a view that is not in usey, rename it to Backup/Restore Utility and check the Display box
  • Under the task bar click View to choose the homepage Backup/Restore Utility

  2. Click the Customise icon under the task bar, this opens the Toolbox.

  • Click on Central option
  • Drag the Backup Schedule control to the open blank view

Central - BKP - CCH homepage 1.PNG

  3.  The following grid appears on the view, resize it extending the sides to make it bigger for a better visualisation. The homepage control displays the same information available in the Schedule Backup window.


 4. To view history information, click the Last Status cell. 

If the Schedule Backup option is not available in the Central section, please contact Customer Care and Support for details on how to add the .dll for the homepage control.


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