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Set up a Company

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How to set up a Company in CCH Central

The term Company means the different entities within your practice. For example, you may have a company for the main business, one for the partnership and perhaps one for the financial advising division and another one for audit services. Each company has its own general ledger.

  1. On the main menu click File > Maintenance > Internal > Companies.
  2. In the Companies window, in the blank row at the top of the table, enter the Company Name. To modify an existing name, edit the text directly.
  3. Enter a unique Company Code. To modify an existing code, edit the text directly.
  4. In the Default Export Path cell, specify a default location for exporting files for this company. Click the Ellipsis Buttom Ellipisis.PNG to navigate to a suitable location, and then enter the default name of the export file in the Browse for Folder window. This step is optional.

Select Dimension 1 from the drop down list. The options are:

  • None
  • Practice
  • Partner
  • Department
  1. Select Dimension 2 from the drop down list.
  2. Select the Base Currency that the Company operates in.
  3. Check the box Default Company to allow it to be populated automatically when creating a new contact.
  4. When you have finished, click Buttom OK.PNG to save the information and close the window.
  5. Press [Enter]. A new blank row is created at the top of the table.
  6. To set up additional companies, repeat steps 2 to 8.
  7. When you have finished, click  Buttom OK.PNG to save the information and close the window.

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