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CCH Software User Documentation

Add a Job to an Assignment

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Note: The information below is only valid for the following modes:  Assignments, Schedules and Jobs OR Assignments, Schedules, Jobs and Job time recording   

  1. Find the Client. The Client Page displays.

  1. Click the Assignments tab. All existing assignments are listed.

  2. Highlight the assignment you want to add the job to and right click.  The pop up menu appears.

  3. On the pop up menu, click the Add Job option.  If no schedule template has been detected for the chosen assignment, a Job is created and the Add Job/Schedule window is displayed.

Assignment - add a job to an assignment.PNG

 5. Enter the details of the job.

Assignment - add a job to an assignment dialog.PNG

6. Enter Notes if required and then click Finish. You will be taken to the Client Assignment tab where you will see the newly created job attached to the assignment.


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