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Assignment Field Chooser Options

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List of the options avaialable in the Field Chooser.

The following fields are available on the Client Assignment Details Page via the right-click menu > Field Chooser option:

  • Code: This is the Assignment Code.
  • Name: This field contains either the assignment or job name.
  • Status: The assignment status.
  • Company: The company the assignment belongs to.
  • Department: The department the assignment belongs to.
  • Office: The office the assignment belongs to.
  • Centre: The centre the assignment belongs to.
  • Assignment Manager:  The manager in charge of the assignment.
  • Assigned To: The person responsible for the job management.
  • Budget: This is the budget value set up on the job.
  • Unposted WIP:Total unposted WIP on the assignment.
  • Posted WIP: Total posted WIP on the assignment.
  • Total WIP: Sum of posted and unposted WIP.
  • Days Left: Target Date minus today's date.

To display a field on the Assignment Details Page:

  1. Right-click on the preview table in the lower half of the screen. A pop up menu is displayed.
  2. Select Show Field Chooser from the pop up menu. The Field Chooser window is displayed listing all the available fields that you can choose to display in your grid.
  3. On the Field Chooser window, select the field you want to display and drag it on to the heading row of the preview table, placing it exactly where you would like the new column to appear.

The new column is displayed in the preview table.


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