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Adding an association with an existing contact or client

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You add a relationship or association to your contact or client in the Associated tab. You create a link from the contact or client to another existing contact or client, or create a new one to define a relationship to. You can add an association to a contact or client in one of two ways: link a new contact or client link an existing contact or client

Add an association with an existing contact or client

  1. Open the Contact or Client page for the contact or client that you want to create an association.

  2. Click the Associated tab to display it.

  3. In the ribbon, click Associate.

  4. On the Associate Existing Contact panel, select the Relationship type that applies to the contact or client.

  5. Click Search to find the contact or client.

  6. In the Find Contacts window, enter the search criteria in the Search for field.

  7. Click Search to display all the contacts matching your search criteria.

  8. Select the existing contact or client you want to link to and then click OK. The existing contact or client appears in the Contact field.

  9. Select the Start Date and the End Date if known.

  10. Click OK. The Associated tab opens displaying the relationship and details.

e-Learning ​Video

Click here to watch an e-Learning video showing you how to create associations in CCH Central.

For more e-Learning videos click here.  Please note that you will need to log in with your e-Learning user name and password.  If you would like access to these resources, please contact CCH Software Support


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