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Adding an Assignment

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When the client page opens for the first time, you are prompted to add an assignment. On the Add Assignment window click Yes to open the Add Assignment wizard. The Client name is displayed on the wizard.

Add an assignment from a template

  1. Select the Add from template option.
  2. From the list of existing templates in the table below select a Job from the list or type over the existing text.
  3. Select the Assignment Template Group for the assignment. If the client is an organisation, select the Limited option. If the client is an individual, select the Individual option. A list of relevant templates will be displayed in the table below.
  4. From the list of existing templates, select the template(s) you would like to add to the client.
    - A tab page is created next to the Client Details tab for each selected template.  For example, if you select a template called Audit, a tab called Audit is created.
    - The window title updates from Step 1 of 1 to Step 1 of 2.  
  5. Click the newly created tabs to enter the Job/Schedule details.
  6. Enter the JobAssigned toBudget and Target.
  7. Enter Notes if required.
  8. Specify the PartnerManagerCompany and Centre.
  9. Select the DepartmentOffice and Nominal.

Add an ad hoc assignment

  1. Select the Create New Assignment option if you want to create a bespoke assignment.
  2. In the blank row in the table below enter the name of the Assignment, the assignment Code, and then select the Category.
  3. Click Finish to create the assignment.



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