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Master Chart of Accounts

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It is possible to have multiple charts available for each master pack. To select the correct chart to edit click on the Chart drop down from the master packs menu and select the chart that you want to edit. When the chart is changed the other areas that are linked to the chart will also change in the master pack. Nominal accounts, lead schedules and classifications

Editing the master chart of accounts will affect clients created after the edit has been carried out, but will not affect the chart of accounts stored with clients that have already been created. To amend the chart of accounts of a client that is already in existence you will have either to edit the client’s chart or import a new chart of accounts for that client.

To edit or print the chart for a master audit pack, load the pack for editing and click on the Nominal accounts option within Nominal Ledger in the Master options list.  The system will display the Nominal ledger account codes list and this may be edited as described in section 21 of the reference manual.  This sets out a full description of the way the chart is structured, the purpose of each field and how to edit and print the chart.

When entering account names, you can include one of two embedded control codes to automate references to the period end. These take the form ^Y~9^ and ^D~9^, and can appear anywhere in the account name.  The 9 is replaced by a number from 0 to 9 and the codes are expanded wherever the name is displayed or printed as a relative reference to the year in question.  For example if the current year is 31 December 2001 “^Y~0^” will produce “2001” and “^Y~1^” produces “2000”, while “^D~0^” will produce “31 December 2001” and “^D~1^” produces “31 December 2000”. These codes allow you to automate the varying of dates where the business needs to segregate different years data, e.g. Underwriters, without the need to change account descriptions each year. For more details on embedded control codes, please refer to Lead Schedules - List Imported Balances.


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