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Default Specific Risk Questions

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CCH Audit Automation allows specific risk questions to be defined for each audit area, however, this is not mandatory, and if specific risk questions have not been set up for a particular area the default specific risk questions will be used.

To edit the default specific risk questions, load the pack for editing and click on the Specific risk questions option within Risk Model in the Master options list.  The system will display the Default specific risk questions dialog which contains a list of the first lines of the questions currently defined.  This list can be scrolled using the scroll bar or the navigation buttons, and a question selected by clicking on its first line.

Up to 99 default specific risk questions can be defined and they are added, edited and deleted as described for the inherent risk questions on page 62.

The system uses a look up table combining specific and inherent risk for each audit area and details of how the table operates, and how to edit it, are contained on page 74 of this manual.







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