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Producing Management information - steps

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Management accounting information maybe produced for defined periods within CCH Accounts Production using defined references and saving trial balances.

Within CCH Accounts Production there is the facility to save periodic trial balances and produce simple management accounting information; use dimensions to produce departmental / cost centre information; and create budgets.

Areas for consideration when using CCH Accounts Production for producing Management information


Limitations - The maximum number of periods which may be created by a user in an entity is 20, therefore reporting is restricted, e.g.  if monthly reporting budget vs. actual is required this would need 24, which is not possible.

Existing format templates (periodic report/management accounts) in CCH Accounts Production

There are templates for monthly and quarterly Profit and Loss Accounts in the Management Collection of the following entities:

  • Limited (FRS 102)
  • LLP (FRS 102)
  • Unincorporated
  • IFRS


To populate these formats, periods must be set-up and trial balances saved.  See areas for consideration above.

Creating custom management templates

If the existing templates do not meet your requirements, you can customise those existing templates or create your own.  If you require assistance, please contact your account manager to discuss consultancy.


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