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CCH Fixed Asset Register - Known Issues



CCH Fixed Asset Register - Known Issues

Last update: 28 April 2017

Date Raised ITS Description Workaround ( If applicable) Scheduled/Resolved
07/02/2017 56126 The Fixed Asset Register (FAR) should cope with gaps and overlaps in the Accounts Production accounting periods

CCH Accounts Production can create both gaps and overlaps in its Accounts Period dates.
  • Gaps - These can arise when the year end is 28th February. If the year end is 28/02/2016, then, on rolling forward, the next year starts on 01/03/2016 creating a gap of one day.
  • Overlaps - These can arise when you have a client with a short accounting period on UK GAAP and convert to FRS102. When you do this, Accounts Production creates a comparative FRS102 accounting period. But instead of using the dates of the short accounting period, it assumes the comparative period is a full year and this overlaps the previous year's UK GAAP period
If this issue occurs, you have to edit the dates in CCH Accounts Production to remove the gaps and overlaps before you are able to get into the FAR. TBA
27/03/2017 56255 The link from Fixed Asset Register (FAR) to CCH Corporation Tax does not bring in any data for FRS105 clients

For 2017.1, a Schedule of Tangible Assets has been added to CCH Accounts Production's FRS105 Management accounts. This allows asset balances to be brought into CCH Corporation Tax from CCH Accounts Production, but no additions or disposals are brought in from the FAR.
The data needs to be entered manually. TBA

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