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CCH Equity - Known Issues



CCH Equity - Known Issues

Last update: 9 Aug 2017

Date Raised ITS Description Workaround ( If applicable) Scheduled/Resolved
06/10/2014 26993 Where there is a reorganisation with more than one acquisition stock, any acquisitions with a market value of less than £0.005 is not processed Increase market value to £0.005 To be confirmed
06/10/2014 27040 Client processor crashes if you set up and select a run type with audit report option selected. No workaround To be confirmed
06/10/2014 81942 Exercises of written, puts exercises of purchased calls and sales giving rise to disposals of same SEDOL on same day are shown separately on computations for audit trail purposes. (Sales are combined and exercises arising from the same option are combined.) Sometimes, combining all of the results would give rise to a different indexation restriction than occurs when the transactions are not combined. Combine the transactions if necessary To be confirmed
25/04/2016 97967 In CCH Equity, an accumulation is linked to the immediately previous purchase(s) of shares or units. Where that purchase has not been pooled at time of indexation and there is a separate indexed pool, then it is possible that indexation of purchase to date of accumulation and indexation of indexed pool to date of pooling of purchase will be treated separately None To be confirmed
06/10/2014 82828 The system checks contained in licence configurator and the page that can be obtained from the parameters menu are different. Information only Information only
06/10/2014 92426 It is not possible to reduce or close a holding of written options or short futures by way of a receipt or to reduce or close a holding of purchased options or long futures by way of a payment in CCH Equity. Information only Information only
06/10/2014 92170 On cost exporter, for the UnitsPresentInd, cost type code is exported for the 1st cost and then Cost Type ID is exported for subsequent costs. Information only Information only
Date Raised ITS Description Workaround ( If applicable) Scheduled/Resolved
06/10/2014 90019 Some reports, such as full gain loss export exclude gains or losses that have arisen from option lapses Information only Information only
03/11/2014 26828 Help Text is to be reviewed and expanded. Information only Information only

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