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CCH iXBRL Review & Tag - Known Issues



CCH iXBRL Review & Tag - Known Issues

Last update: 19 Apr 2023

Date Raised ITS Description Workaround ( If applicable) Scheduled/Resolved
24/03/2021 62820 Companies House credentials are reset after a CSI upgrade.
We have had a small number of reports that the Companies House online filing credentials are being removed/reset after an upgrade using the CSI installer.
Re-enter the credentials using the reviewandtagsettings.exe located in the Deploy folder. TBC
08/01/2021 61714 IFRS accounts produced in Accounts Production errors on Information Page.
Certain address and 3rd party information cells on the Info page on the IFRS format have updated to create duplicate tags. This will show as duplicate fact value errors when exported to CCH  iXBRL Review & Tag.
In CCH iXBRL Review & Tag double-click on the duplicate fact value error within the Exceptions tab. This will take you to the tagged area that has the error. 
Left-click on the tagged area and amend the dimension to the correct value.
24/12/2020 61704 Companies House submission database showing Client Code as NA
The submission database was updated in 2020.3 to include the client code from CCH Central to enable users to report on filings by client code.
This code is obtained by matching the company name within the CCH iXBRL Review & Tag file to the database within CCH Central. If, however your client's name in CCH Central does not match the Company name reported within the accounts, the entry will be logged as NA.
Ensure that you client name in CCH Central and the Company name reported in the accounts match. TBC
15/12/2021 61694 Micro Entities set to Full accounts when using reduced filing option.
When accounts produced in CCH Accounts Production for FRS105 Micro entities the option to use reduced filing sets the accounts type in CCH iXBRL Review & Tag as (Full Accounts). This is due to there being no legal form of accounts recognised as filleted so the option defaults to Full.
If you are producing reduced filing accounts for Micro entities to file at Companies House. Leave the entity type as Micro Entities (Full Accounts). Do not change to Small Companies Reduced filing. TBC
25/08/2020 59571 FRS102 Sec1 A small Companies - Full Accounts filing throws an error “Document missing mandatory tag Statement on quality and completeness of information provided to auditors" is reported when Customers try to file an FRS102 Sec1A Full accounts to Companies House. The majority of the FRS102 Sec1A Small Companies file Small company reduced filing version, there is nothing to prevent filing of a full accounts to CCH. The entity type is set to full in error and this causes the error. The error can be ignored, and accounts filed. To prevent the error, change the entity type in document information to Small Companies Reduced filing. If after making this change, another exception on Applicable Legislation appears, you need to add this tag in other data and select Small Companies Regime. TBC
01/12/2017 TBC FRS 105 Audited – reduced filing Companies House Submissions in CCH iXBRL Review & Tag
We do not currently support iXBRL filing for audited 105 accounts. The concept of audited 105 is still in its infancy; please paper file until we receive more guidance on this issue.
  For Information only
01/10/2020 60609 Charity FRS 102 -Filing exception on Directors responsibilities note from balance sheet for charitable companies
The paragraph on directors’ responsibilities on the balance sheet is not switching the word items #wd18 and #wd3 for charitable companies where a single director is marked as the balance sheet signatory. It is not switching to the singular term 'acknowledge' and 'his/her ' from 'acknowledges' and 'their'. This causes a fatal 9999 error in CCH IXBRL Review & Tag when filing to Companies House.
This is an issue in CCH Accounts Production but CCH iXBRL Review & Tag users need to be aware.
Workaround -Update/edit the tag in review and tag to the correct wording and submit. When editing it is good practice to edit the content, copy to a note pad and then copy back and apply the tag.
For Information only
  TBC FRS 102 Limited - Statement of Changes in Equity (Page7SOCE) 
A minor tagging issue affecting 1st year only financial statements. This results in a a tagging error for FRS102 that includes as SOCE
This is an issue in CCH Accounts Production but CCH iXBRL Review and Tag users need to be aware.
Open the format, click Draft and Show iXBRL Tags on the ribbon bar. Then on Row 47 right-click and use the Suppress Tag option on the numeric cells. Alternatively, you can delete the Prior Year tags in CCH iXBRL Review and Tag.
For information only
11/11/2021 66068 Charities Taxonomy 2021 is not available 
Following release of 2021.3 although the 2021 Taxonomy has been included for accounts year end dates starting from 1 April 2021, this is not visible to users when selecting from the list of taxonomies
For any accounts with a year-end starting from 1 April 2021 please contact support to amend the xml or ratacs file in notepad and edit the taxonomy to point to 2021 version. This is possible as the taxonomy is included but just not visible from the pick list. Fixed in 2021.3 Service Pack
17/02/2021 62757 Companies House submission status not updating from ‘ERROR on Submission Database
Where accounts are submitted to Companies House and return an error, in certain circumstances the status is not updated when corrected or an additional entry is made for the corrected file submission.
We are investigating the steps that create this issue. 
If you have had an accepted response but the database is still showing as ERROR. Please check with Companies House online to ensure that they have the accounts on file.
Fixed  in 2021.3
11/05/2022 66263 CCH iXBRL Review & Tag Pin updated message keeps appearing every time when loading CCH iXBRL Review and Tag No workaround Fixed 2022.2
    When clicking on 'Pending' Companies House submission status gives a message saying the Companies House credentials are not set User to launch CCH iXBRL Review and Tag via File > Accounts > Review and Tag and let the programs synchronise and then exit out of CCH Central and launch again. Fixed 2022.2
08/12/2021 66115 Charity FRS102 Accounts loaded from CCH Accounts Production still default to 2018 Taxonomy. This is an issue in CCH Accounts Production but CCH iXBRL Review & Tag users need to be aware.
We have made the Charities 2021 taxonomy available in the pick list in document information section in CCH iXBRL Review and Tag in the 2021.3 SP Release  but the accounts loaded from CCH Accounts Production will still default to 2018 taxonomy and to get the 2021 taxonomy , users have to go to document information section in CCH iXBRL Review and Tag and select the 2021 taxonomy.
Fixed 2022.2
22/06/2021 63930 Opening Companies House submissions Database for the first time using the desktop shortcut. Receive an Object Reference not set to an instance of an object info message For the first time usage of Companies House submission database. Please open within CCH Central. Fixed in 2021.3 Service Pack

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