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CCH Document Management - Known Issues



CCH Document Management - Known Issues

Last update: 02 April 2024

Date Raised ITS Description Workaround ( If applicable) Scheduled/Resolved
29/02/2024 67977 When creating a document you loose the spell check   TBC
26/02/2024 67973 Some changes to documents are not recorded against the employee   TBC
26/02/2024 67972 Security permission [Maintenance][Document Management][Document Store Location] does not work   TBC
05/02/2024 67944 Emails are being filled as plain text where the email is starting out as HTML in outlook   2024.1
30/01/2024 67938 Correct the Libraries and Types - Update button SP to catter for Assignments   TBC
24/11/2023 67895 OneClick documents to be filed to Document Management with the Original Date   TBC
24/11/2023 67894 Problems checking Working Papers back in - if you do not have Document Management   TBC
10/05/2023 66677 Create PDF process inserts a '[number]_' at the beginning of the ticked Documents' Description where the Description is included in as a Grouped column, but it not the Top level grouping

Where not required, remove the Description column from the Grouping area.

Or where Description grouping is required, remove the appended '[number]_' from the ticked documents after the Create PDF process has been completed.



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