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How do I register if I am an external IT provider on the Support Portal?

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Support Portal access is controlled by the Wolters Kluwer administrator (or administrators) within each Wolters Kluwer customer company. 

If you do not know who the organisation's Wolters Kluwer Account administrator is, please ask the Practice or Business Manager or contact the Wolters Kluwer Support Team.

Once the Wolters Kluwer Account administrator at the customer company has created your account, you will receive an invitation email to activate.  The email will contain a link for you to click and follow the prompts. 

Once you have accessed the Support Portal for the first time, this will be your url for future logins:

Already have a Wolters Kluwer Account?

If you already have a Wolters Kluwer account because you have access to the Support Portal on behalf of another customer, or you happen to use a Wolters Kluwer application that utilises Wolters Kluwer Account authentication, you do not need to create a new account.  

The email you have received to activate your account should contain a separate link to 'Accept the Invitation'.  If it doesn’t, after clicking the link in the email, click 'Cancel' and log into your Wolters Kluwer Account by entering your Wolters Kluwer Account credentials on the page that 'Cancel' takes you to.  You will then be prompted to 'Accept the Invitation'. 

Important Information!

  1. If you are the IT consultant for only one Wolters Kluwer customer, you will not be prompted to select the customer that you are logging new support cases on behalf of.
  2. If you work for multiple Wolters Kluwer customers, ensure that you select the appropriate customer when submitting support cases, and if the respective customer is not listed, please ask that customer’s admin person to invite you to join the Support Portal on their behalf. 

    As an IT consultant, you will only have visibility of support cases that you log yourself.  You will not see support cases logged by the customer or any other consultant within your own IT company. 


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