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Instructions for technical specialists carrying out a self-installation are found here.


Our recommended requirements for carrying out a self-installation are as follows:

  • Knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality for Server(s) and Workstation(s)
  • Experience of installing and managing Microsoft SQL Server and its Relational Databases
  • Working knowledge of Transact-SQL
  • Experience working with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
  • Understanding and familiarity of Networking fundamentals, including Transmission Control Protocol /Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), User Datagram Protocol (UDP), and Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Understanding and familiarity of security concepts such as authentication, authorization and Firewall configuration & policy.


Should you require a Technical Consultant to assist you with your installation or a related service, please speak to your Account Manager.

Self-installation of CCH Central Suite products is not recommended.  Our Support teams will be unable to assist you with a self-installation - should you be unable to complete this or experience issues. Such assistance requires a Technical Consultant.  Technical consultancy is charged and will need to be booked via our scheduling team and is subject to availability. By booking our technical team to carry out installation it allows for your installation to be deployed using our best practices and optmised for your infrastructure ensuring at the end of the event the suite is fully functioning. 


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