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Order Processing and Invoicing: what to expect



Clarification on our invoicing processes.

Type of Order

Invoicing Process

First time order

You will receive an invoice covering the agreed initial term of your contract (usually 12 months). The invoice value should match your order form and you will be invoiced when your software has been delivered unless otherwise agreed as part of your order. In an effort to consolidate all software licenses onto one annual contract, if your software has been delivered in stages then your subsequent billing periods will be pro-rated to align with the contract dates on the first invoice.

Upgrade/additional licences

When you upgrade your product from one version to another or increase the user counts of an existing product we will cancel the existing product and issue a pro-rata credit. Then you will receive an invoice covering the go forward value for the remainder of the contract period. This does mean your invoice value won't necessarily match the order form however the applied annual value will be the same.

Service Order

Invoices for services are one-off charges, invoices are issued once the service has been delivered unless otherwise agreed as part of the order.

Additional products

Should you purchase a new product, wherever possible this will be added to your existing contract and you will be invoiced for the pro-rata period between software delivery and the end if the current contract period. Please note this means your invoice value may not match your order form which is quoted as an annual value.


Software licences are renewed annually and an invoice will be issued on or around your renewal date.


















Direct Debit Collection Process

  • Direct Debit is our preferred payment method
  • Payments are collected on or around the 28th of each month
  • Direct Debit schedules are issued by the middle of the month for customers with new invoices
  • Unless there is a change to your contract, your Direct Debit collection will remain the same for the period of your current contract
  • If you are signed up for e-billing , your Direct Debit schedule will be emailed to your preferred e-billing address.


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