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CCH Software User Documentation

Practice Code and Registration Code



Your Practice Code (sometimes referred to as Customer Code or Client Code) is our unique reference for your business. We reference this unique code in our internal systems and in our direct communications to you. Of course, we have other ways to search for your details but since you'll need this code frequently, it's a good idea to know it. Your Practice Code is linked to the licencing tool which dictates the licences and products that you have in your software. 

The Registration Code is the password that accompanies the Practice Code, which grants you access to admin areas in the software and allows you into specialist areas on our Support Portal such as our eLearning.  Codes are used when applying quarterly updates to the CCH suite using the CSI (or when adding new products). (PIN is when adding new users)

You will have been sent a 'Welcome' email with your Practice Code and Registration Code to be used when registering on our Support Portal site and also when updating/installing software products running our CCH Central Suite Installer (CSI).

For any assistance, you can contact the Customer Services team on 0344 561 8181 option 2 or


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