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finsit: Custom reporting training online

This training is suitable for staff that are already familiar with using finsit, and have a need to create bespoke versions of reports to share with clients. It provides training on the process to design a custom report, and how to use that report with certain clients.


This training is suitable for users of finsit who need to create bespoke reports for a client, or group of clients, in addition to the standard reporting available within the product. We will explain the functionality of Classic reports and Custom reports, to allow you to write and develop customised reports tailored to your firm’s specific needs. We will look at the different types of columns and rows that can be added to a report, including comparatives and calculated data.

Key Objectives

  • To create and use Business Types
  • To understand how to edit default reports
  • To understand how to create amended versions of standard reports
  • To understand how to create customised reports

Course Contents

  • Create Business Types
  • Assign Business Types to clients 
  • Edit an existing report
  • Create a new template from an existing report
  • Create a custom report
  • Change display settings
  • Work with report columns
  • Work with report rows


All users should have a good understanding of finsit

Note: This is a practical interactive course designed to run online for up to 3 hours


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