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CCH Software User Documentation

Software and database installation



Following the confirmation of the order, the software and the pre-configured database will be remotely installed into your environment.
  • Please ensure that your IT environment meets the minimum hardware and software specifications prior to this event.   
  • You will be contacted by one of our Consultants prior to your scheduled installation to review your infrastructure and discuss deployment options. 
  • Your data size will impact the resources and software required for the installation. 
  • The Consultant will advise the best practice to take in regards to the environment to be configured to aid in the deployment of the software.  

Please review our hardware system requirements guide prior to this discussion. 

 Areas covered are: - 

  • SQL revisions (SQL Express vs SQL Standard)  
  • Processor, memory, storage allocation for backed installation 
  • Workstation deployment method 
  • Installation day schedule and access rights 


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