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CCH Personal Tax: Partnership Tax Training




This interactive single online session covers an overview of the data entry process required to create and file the tax returns. 

The session  provides training on the creation and the maintenance of client and tax return information, production of tax computations and completion of checks necessary for controlling the tax function. 

Course Duration: This online session will last up to 3 hours.

Key Objectives

  • To ensure the delegates are able to apply knowledge for the tax return data entry process and online filing
  • Ensure delegates can maintain client record

    Course Contents

    • Creation of partnership client record
    • Editing of partnership client information
      • addresses
      • associations
      • responsibilities
      • other standing data
    • Creating and maintaining partners
    • Creating the SA800
    • Trading versus non-trading partnerships
    • Corporate and non-resident partner
    • Use of real time errors and exceptions
    • Data entry:
      • Income from UK banks
      • Income from UK securities (including FTSE 350 dividend feed)
      • Land and property
      • Business Tax (including integration with CCH Accounts Production)
      • Partnership statement (including extended partnership spreadsheet)
    • Updating Partners personal tax returns
    • Non client partners (statements)
    • Tax Return Production status and reporting
    • Online filing process.
    • Homepages view


Attendees should adhere to the Training session Guidelines.

All attendees should have a good understanding of CCH Central

Who is this course designed for?

New CCH Partnership Tax users 


Note: It is possible to combine the Partnership and Trust Tax courses into one overview session. The combined session will only cover the data entry elements, not the creation and editing of static client information such as addresses, associations, responsibilities and other standing data.

Useful Resources

  • eLearning courses - online courses that provide you with an overview and insight into our software
  • Bitesize videos - Compliance and Non-Compliance - showing you how to use features (and also some specific focused areas) of our software 
  • Webinars - sessions for you to attend and learn from



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