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Practice Improvement Consultancy




Led by our Senior Professional Services Consultant, this service is designed to deliver substantial business benefits by optimising software utilisation. Through two focused sessions, you will unlock the full potential of your CCH software investment and align it with your business objectives.

Business Benefits Session Contents

Enhanced Efficiency: Identification of underutilised software areas and alignment with business processes leading to increased operational efficiency.

Cost Optimisation: Maximizing software benefits will reduce potential wastage and unnecessary expenditure on unused functionalities.

Improved Decision-Making: By addressing the pain points and streamlining your processes, you can make data-driven decisions more effectively.

Better Return on Investment: Optimising software usage ensuring your investment yields maximum returns.

Strategic Alignment: Aligning software capabilities with your business objectives helping in achieving your organisational goals more effectively.

Analysis: Uncovering areas for improvement and aligning software capabilities with your business needs.

Implementation Plan: Executing changes, adding necessary modules, cleansing your data, and planning tailored training to support these changes.


Ensuring involvement of representatives familiar with business processes who possess the authority to approve suggested changes is crucial to swiftly implementing improvements.

Who is this designed for?

This service caters to the needs of senior management and practice managers seeking substantial business enhancements through optimised software utilisation.

By focusing on these business benefits, the service aims to deliver tangible improvements that positively impact the organisation's overall performance and success. 

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